A stem cell is a cell that hasn’t yet become specialised and can be found in embryos or bone marrow. These cells can be used to treat certain conditions but the use of these cells is very controversial Embryonic stem cells come from embryo which is controversial because it basically kills humans in the making.

Microscope are useful when finding out the mutation the lichen take to adapt to different environment. Microscopes are vital when looking at cells as the organals the cell contain can’t be seen by thew naked eye. A light microscope project a visible light usually onto a small organism, which will allow you to get a […]

Texting and speaking in general are like two different languages. Speaking is more formal than texting. While texting or communicating on social media, we use a completely new dialect that involves devices such as slang and emoji’s . The younger generation are now using this language in real life conversations and new words are added […]

one of the characters are very straight forward and talk with authority. The other characters was confident and became less throughout the scene

” 10 seconds left! The Lakers are behind by 1 and Kobe bringing up the ball he flies pass Curry with ease. With 5 seconds to go Kobe dribbles to his zone. 3…2…1… Kobe shoot! What this? From abosolutley no where… Well It like it all over for the golden state and it looks like […]

  Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Shelley’s Ozymandias are very alike in terms of language and the way they play with foreshadowing . Both writers manipulate some word meanings and how they are placed in a sentences, to affect the overall meaning for the sentence. Shelley’s poem is written as a sonnet which is usually based […]

Homework                                                                                      Task One: The poem is about a person meeting a traveller from […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway